The purpose of therapy is to

set you free

when nothing is certain everything is possible

We thought it only happened in films.


The ongoing pandemic has brought us great uncertainty, hardships and challenges, raising fears and anxiety for many of us.  Fundamental changes to our working and personal lives that we could not prepare for or imagine. 


And for some, tragic losses. 


The busy world in which we lived has paused and the usual distractions and pleasures are not available.  The loss of emotional and tactile connections with friends and family are immense.  

For those who were already vulnerable it is harder still to cope with the isolation and day to day sameness.  


maybe it's time to look on the inside

These dark times have also given us the space to reflect on what's important and meaningful, giving us the opportunity to consider changes, re-asses our motivation and imagine a different future.  You may be thinking about making fundamental changes to your life such as changing your job or where you live. 

Maybe your relationship is under pressure.   


If you are struggling emotionally, I can help you discover what is holding you back, heal the past and imagine how you could be ...

emerge, reflect,  imagine

Rye, East Sussex, England